Frequently Asked Questions


What features are available?

Interviews Poetry Corner Advertising Book Cover Submission Article Submission

What are the requirements for a book review?

We review a selected amount and/or type of content based on the guidelines of what our reviewers are comfortable reading and the representation of the magazine. We do not review books with sexually explicit covers or content, profanity on the cover, extreme profanity inside the manuscript, or nudity on the cover. Not every book requesting a review will be approved. This is left up to the reviewers as to which books will be approved or rejected based on their comfort level. Join our book club @

Why would a book be rejected for a review?

If a book does meet the criteria of no profanity on the cover, no extreme profanity in the manuscript, no sexually explicit covers or content, and no nudity on the cover, a book can be rejected for review based on the reviewer’s comfort level of the topic, content of manuscript, and the number of books already received and approved. We want to offer our authors real and authentic reviews; therefore, we choose our books by the guidelines stated above and whether we can provide an un-biased review.

Will I be notified if my book has been rejected for review?

Yes. If book does not meet book review requirements we will send an email with our explanation.

How long is the book review process?

This process can take months. We will post our books to be reviewed on our social media sites, social media sites and our book club page

Will my review be published?

All reviews will be published to our website and social media. Not all reviews are published in the magazine. A review must have four or five stars from our reviewer to go into the magazine.

What are the requirements for a feature in your magazine?

We ask that you provide us with an author photo (Professional Style is preferred) and bio.

Do I have to promote the issue I am featured in?

We advise all features to promote their issue. We have our own audience that may not be your audience; therefore, your audience may or may not see our magazine. If you want your audience to see your feature you must promote it to your them.

Will I be notified of my feature once it is published?

We do our best to notify everyone of their feature. We highly recommend to join our emailing list and follow our social media sites to stay up to date on your feature.

I was placed on your mailing list, but I didn’t sign up?

If you are placed our emailing, and you do not want to be on our list you can unsubscribe at any time.

Is there a fee to be featured?

Interview, Poetry Corner, Article Submission, Book Cover Submission has no fee. Advertising fees range from $10-$75 for a feature.

When will my interview be posted/published?

Interviews will be uploaded on our website on Fridays & Saturdays of each week. An email will be automatically sent to email subscribers once the interview has been posted. A post will also be feature on our social media sites. Please allow us 2-weeks to 4 months for a feature on our website and or if selected for an interview.


What content can I advertise?

Strawberry-Lit Magazine is a literary magazine; therefore, we advertise flyer content related to books, authors, events, upcoming releases, items on sale, publishing companies, giveaways, and publishing services. We do not promote sexually explicit material, products with nudity, or products with profanity, degrading, or negative content. We also promote a selected amount of recording artist.

Does Strawberry-Lit Magazine create the flyers?

No. Strawberry-Lit Magazine does not create flyers for our magazine. Those are provided by the person(s) who are requesting the advertising space?

What dimensions(sizes) are the advertising space?

We use the following dimensions in inches 8x11 (full page), 2x6 or 2x8 (bookmark), 8x5 (1/2 page horizontally), 16x11 (Two-Page Spread), all margins should be .5"

Is there a fee to advertise?

Yes. Refer to our Features page or download our Media Kit. These fees are subject to change.

Is the advertising fee refundable?

The fee is refundable 1) if the issue hasn’t been sent for editing, 2) if space for the specified issue is not available and a future issue is not wanted, 3) if a refund is requested within 24 hours after purchase, 4) if the advertising material does not fit with the theme of our magazine or if the material is promoting sexually explicit material, products with nudity, or products with profanity, degrading, or negative content.

How do you guys promote?

Being that we are a digital magazine with option for buyers to purchase print, we promote using our email and various social media such Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We use paid advertising via our social media sites. We also promote at events. Our magazine is not printed for distribution at this time.

How long does one ad run?

Ads are ran per issue cycle DEC/JAN FEB/MAR APR/MAY JUN/JUL AUG/SEP OCT/NOV


Is the magazine digital and/or print?

Yes. We are a digital and print magazine.

How much is a digital copy?

Digital copies are FREE. Click on any issue to view and download a copy. We use the platform. You may have to create an account in order to download.

How much is a printed copy?

Print copies price varies by page count. Click on any issue to view and purchase a copy. We use the platform. You may have to create an account in order to buy.

How big is your audience?

Our audience is constantly growing as new authors are featured. We promote via our emailing list and accross multiple social media sites, as well as events. We are totally 5,000+ readers as of a 2020 report.

How often are issue created?

Strawberry-Lit Magazine is created in 2-month cycles. DEC/JAN FEB/MAR APR/MAY JUN/JUL AUG/SEP OCT/NOV