Is Your Child A Victim of Bullying?

I was listening to two children playing in the park, one little girl was telling the other to do something she didn’t want to do, and calling her a baby because she didn’t want to do it, and eventually the other little girl gave in. Now it wasn’t anything major, it was just to play rope, but the little girl was refusing to because apparently she knew how to turn but didn’t know how to jump and didn’t want the other girls teasing her because she didn’t know how to jump. So although it wasn’t a serious matter it was a situation where a child was forced or pressured into doing something they didn’t want to do.

I ask people all the time did their child ever experience being bullied and I get this answer over and over again, “not my child”, she/he knows how to defend his/herself. I sometimes think parents are in denial, or just oblivious to what is going on when their child is not in their eyes view. Your child could be a victim of bullying and you not even know it. Many children are bullied in their homes by older siblings, in school by classmates, in the neighborhood by local children or friends. A lot of these cases of bullying can lead to someone getting seriously hurt. Not every child reports that they are under attack of a bully and not every situation is visible enough to recognize it.

As parents we have to keep the lines of communication open, we must let them know we are there for them, make them feel safe enough to come to us without feeling less than a person, or being ashamed of what we will think or how we will act. Some children don’t tell on bullies because they feel it is wrong to snitch, some because they don’t want their parents or friends to know they are afraid. Guess what, everyone is scared of someone, or something. Children are now more than ever being attacked by bullies, and not only physically but verbally, emotionally, online, and so many more ways.

I wrote two books on bullying: one is called Allen the 4th Grade Bully and the other is Standing Up to Lori Green, its two stories showing the boy and girl side of being a bully. These books not only tell the stories of two bullies but it shows how the children who were being bullied handled it. Allen the 4th Grade Bully has discussion questions at the end of the book that can be used to discuss the topic of bullying with your children as well as be used to develop a lesson plan for a class. I believe schools should have a NO BULLY campaign annually and that there should be strict rules on bullying. I started a group on Facebook called Bullying is Real join it and share your views on bullying.

Also if you are interested in purchasing the bullying books I wrote they can be ordered on Amazon

Allen the 4th Grade Bully

Standing Up To Lori Green

I hope you enjoyed this Article on Bullying, I would love to hear what your view are on Bullying.

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Vanessa Santiago-Jerman

I am a mother, an author, a wife. I love to write poetry, children's books and inspirational blogs about life, love and self esteem.

I have been writing since the age of 8 years old as an escape from my day to day life. I enjoy writing for children and would one day love to venture into speaking publicly at schools and events to uplift and encourage young children to never stop dreaming, and not to allow anyone to interfere with their goals. They say children are the future and I agree however they need people to believe in them, be that supporting person in their corner cheering them on letting them know that with hard work and being consistent to their goals they can do and be whatever their hearts desire.

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