Writer's Block and How To Combat It

"Lately I have been having trouble writing my book.

At times everything pours out of me but now I can’t seem to think of what to write, how do I overcome writer’s block?"

Dear Lately,

Don’t be alarmed because you are experiencing writer’s block Writer’s block as happened to every writer at some time in their writing career from the professional writer to the amateur, there are several reasons why we might have writer’s block.

(1) One is TIMING, it might not be the right time to write the book. For years I was writing this book from the waiting room to the recovery room and I never could finish the book. One day, God dropped it in my spirit that the reason why I could not finish the book was that I was still in the waiting room. I had not made it to the recovery room yet.

(2) Many writers also suffer with FEAR, the fear of exposing their feeling, thought and experiences through their writing. There are some people who experience some type of abuse in their childhood and in telling their stories it will expose some skeletons in the closet.

(3) The most common reason is our need for PERFECTION. We want our writing to be perfect. Yes, we strive for excellency, but not perfection in the first draft. If we wait until our writing is perfect we will never share it.

There are several ways to release writer block. The first thing is to remove ourselves from the writing for a while, take a breather, a walk, listen to some music, or just turn your computer off.

There is no fool proof way to combat writer’s block other than just to write. You do not have to write for a purpose, but write for the joy of writing. Write because writing is your passion, and you get joy when you write. You will soon find that you are back on track, so take your pen and pad, or your tablet or your laptop, whatever method you use and just start writing.

I am looking forward to your next best seller.

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