LaQueisha Malone

When she first entered the world of publishing in 2008 with “A New Pair of Shoes… Step In Mine” (whew, I know. That’s a long title), LaQueisha was like many of us, novice to the aspect of everything it would take to get known or recognized as an author. Self-publishing was still fairly new, and to say you’ve had a book out was more than enough to be excited about at that time. You had all your family and friends support, and their promises to purchase a signed copy as soon as it releases.

Yet, she quickly found out that merely shouting to the mountain top, “I am an author! Go & purchase my book!” wasn’t enough. Without the right strategies in marketing and promoting, it was hard building an audience. The self-pity didn't last long though. She took some time off from publishing and studied the craft of writing and promoting, and have built a huge following. Years later, the AAMBC Poet of the Year award-winning author added Modeling, Publisher, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker to her accomplishments. With such titles as “Cell of the Mind”, “Love, Marriage, and Divorce” we’re all in high anticipation of the upcoming novel, “Secrets Amongst Friends”, set to release early 2017.

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