LOVE IS IN YOUR FACE a Donnell Hicks Original Film

Anthony Grier, Amytza, And Justice Adderley Star In A Donnell Hicks Original Film

Love Is In Your Face/Donnell Hicks

A story of love, mental illness, and domestic violence, LOVE IS IN YOUR FACE is a hot fresh look into the lives of a love triangle that’s not so modern. A new kind of twist to your average Cinderella story, you find Vanessa, a lower middle-class woman engaged to Damian, a successful CEO at Blackmon Cosmetics. She quickly feels threaten when her identity is being forced to change for this new high-class society. Landon, her ex-boyfriend, soon helps her realize that being who you are shouldn’t come at a price. We caught up with the cast to discuss their roles in the movie.

Anthony Grier...As Damian

Anthony Grier/Damian


“Working on films in the past gave me the opportunity to see and understand how another actor can bring something out of another actor. Amytza can get you in a zone and bring out the best in you. She can make that connection needed to make the scene come alive. She is the type of actor you look forward to working with again. I had the opportunity to watch Justice perform and his passion for his work is amazing.”


“Growing up, my fear of public speaking got the best of me many times. I was always the quiet one and had a hard time speaking in groups. Working up the guts to take an improv class was way out of my comfort zone. The more I did it the easier it got. Those classes really helped me develop range in my acting. Playing many different characters and expressing various emotions was not only fun but challenging.”


“My character is completely different from who I am. Damian has a selfish nature with no regard for another persons feelings. I can be selfish in some aspects in life, but when it comes to another human being, being helpful and compassionate is a part of me I can’t deny. It is who I am.”


“The movie tackles mental illness and domestic violence, which are major issues. Looking at the media coverage of the senseless violence across America today, we must find the root to these issues so we can bring about a more peaceful cohesive society.

Amytza Maskati ...As Vanessa

Amytza Maskati/Vanessa


“It’s truly a rewarding experience. We each had to learn how the other works best and tune in to each other. Donnell’s generosity of spirit marks him as a visionary screenwriter. Anthony’s insight and dedication allowed me to delve deep and express a full range of emotions. Justice’s charm and sensitivity made it effortless for me to connect with him on camera. It was a pleasure to recreate long lost love onscreen with him.”


“On and off screen I keep it simple and natural. My mother recently gifted me my favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. It’s no accident it’s called, “stress relief aromatherapy” by Bath & Body Works. The eucalyptus spearmint essential oils clear the mind and uplift the spirit. I let my hair air dry so I can work hard and play harder! Eating healthy foods, sleeping sufficient hours, leading an active lifestyle and having fun are no secret and yet these are the keys to unlock inner and outer beauty all the time!”


“My name is Amytza and it rhymes with pizza. I live an extraordinary life I love. As a fiery Leo with a passion for languages and the performing arts, family and community, purpose and achievement, I shine as the possibility of love, joy, compassion, support, and leadership in this world. I am a multilingual actress, singer, dancer, Zumba instructor, writer, broadcast journalist, emcee and motivational speaker with many more hats under my belt.”


“I was raised in an interfaith and intercultural household in which we acknowledge many languages of love. I relate to my character “Vanessa” because she is brave, listens to her heart, and stands up for herself to live the life she deserves. She empowers me as a woman to embrace who I am.”

Justice Adderley...As Landon

Justice Adderley/Landon


“Landon’s style is lax, which is the complete polar opposite to Damian, even though they have striking similarities. Landon has a lot on his mind and can seem stressed at times due to the love triangle he has found himself in. Landon is definitely blinded by some of his own emotions.”


“Striving to not only be a better actor, but a person as well is my inspiration. Too many people have regrets of not following their dreams and/or getting conformed going along with the norm. Know that you can be and do anything. Never give up.”


“I’m an aspiring actor and my goals come in numerous shapes and sizes. I’m hungry for acting jobs local and distant. I have many minor goals set out for myself. With this in mind, I definitely want more projects under my belt along with finding a mentor that will further my knowledge in this career. I want to be remembered for meaningful work.”


“Going to school full-time, and working part-time at a local movie theatre starts a typical day for me. Vocal lessons, time at the gym, or hanging out with friends and family consumes my spare time.”

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