He was awarded three awards in 2016 alone. Best Urban Contemporary CD of the Year, Best Holy Hip-Hop Song of the Year, & Christian Rap Artist of the Year. Meet our new man crush.

St. Paul

DARREN DEAC is not your ordinary deacon of the church. Managed by Quality of Life, this Gospel Recording Artist raps Christian lyrics to smooth hip-hop beats.

Coming from Newark, New Jersey, he’s using his life experiences of the streets to inspire the youth to change their concept. After six and half years in prison, he recognized his calling. The gift of MUSIC!

The stage name Darren Deac came from him reversing his church title Deacon Darren, because he felt it is not the title, but the Christ that is in the man. “Many people look at the title and the man may be messed up. I want you to look at Darren first and then the title. It was Jesus Christ, not Christ Jesus. It was John The Baptist, not The Baptist John. It was Paul The Apostle, not The Apostle Paul.”

He’s been Nominated for 6 awards in 6 different categories at the 2016 Rhythm of Gospel Awards and won two of them for Best Urban Contemporary CD of the Year for the album “Christian Walk” and the Best Holy Hip-Hop Song of the Year for the single “Clap Your Hands”.

He was also awarded the 2016 Extraordinary People Award for Christian Rap Artist of the Year.

“Continue to strive and keep God first in everything you do. Let Nothing and no one stop your Christian walk.” ~Darren Deac

His latest singles “Victory” & “We Lit” are available now on CDBaby.com.

IG: @Darren_deac

F: Darren Deac

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