DOWN & DIRTY with L. A. Lewis

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Lorna “L. A.” Lewis from Baton Rouge, Louisiana gets Down & Dirty with Strawberry-Lit Magazine. L. A. Lewis has been writing since high school off and on. She won a Young Authors award for a short story she had written about the day her mother had passed. Her first novel was penned in 2009, Dirty Little Secrets. She now has 3 novel: Dirty Little Secrets, Dirty Little Secrets 2, and Double Down & Dirty (#5 on AALBC Bestsellers list).

L. A. Lewis

What made you get back into writing after you took a long break from that short story in high school? I’m an educator, and at the time I was teaching second grade. The district noticed the gap between the second and third grade test, so they ask some of us to help them put together a curriculum. I did the ELA part. I wrote the short story to the test. The biggest problem I had was I couldn’t stop writing. It was like I was in a zone. After I completed that task, I said I would try to write a novel. So I being that I am a teacher, I wanted to write about a teacher. And of course she has to come with some drama. My first draft my husband said was boring. So I kept writing and the ideas kept coming, and it was then I knew I wanted to become an author.

What was the publishing process like for you with “Dirty Little Secret”? Can you describe that moment? It was so amazing to see something what was in my head I had worked on. I had went back and forth with my editor and graphic designer. So once I got the book in my hand, I realized at that moment, “I’m a creator.”

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