THIS SIDE OF THE BAYOU with Trudy Robicheaux

This Louisiana native, Adina Counsil, who writes beneath the nom de plume, Trudy Robicheaux is one of the best thriller and suspense novelist, yet. If you haven’t read her Two Hot Mamas Series, what are you waiting for? With all the devastation caused by the flooding in Louisiana this past August we were still able to sit down with her on her book series and more.

L. A. Lewis

We know it has been a difficult time these past few months in Louisiana for you. What emotions where running through your mind? Even though I have an overwhelming sense of loss and devastation, I also feel a sense of rebirth and new growth because I believe that God lets things happen for a reason. I will be allowed to do a few more things as far as Trudy Robicheaux go.

With all of the flooding, what creativity has it brought to your writing? A lot of things were bottled up. I sat down eight days after the flood, and within five and a half days, I wrote another book for Two Hot Mamas.

Your upcoming release Two Hot Mamas: Something In The Water, the second book in the #THM series is about a mysterious happening with the water supply. Tell us more about that. A millionaire uses a toxic item to create bait for fishing and it runs into the water supply. Bette and Elvy will have a whole new mystery to solve.

We understand with this recent flooding in August it has inspired you to write book three in the series. What can we expect with this book? There’s been an offset flash flood where a man washes up from the flood. The man is the grandfather of a young man Bette and Elvy helps in solving the mystery behind his death. He tries to prove it wasn’t an act of the flood. I think this new character I’m introducing will be in the rest of the Two Hot Mamas series.

What other genre(s) have you dabbled in, and will there be any other genre(s) you’ll explore in the future? I write Historical Romance, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Non-Fiction, and Devotional/Spiritual Books. I would like to explore article writing, you know, blogging. So be on the look out for that.

We know you have other books out. Can you briefly explain some of your favorite ones and where to find them. My favorite ones are the Two Hot Mamas Series which can be found on, Parish, which is about Domestic Violence, Dauphine’s Palace: A Storyville Saga on Wattpad, and Ghosts of Chickasaw Bayou also on Wattpad.

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