Are You About That Church Life with Teresa B. Howell

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Selling over 300 copies of her book within the first week of release digitally and paperback and over 2,000 copies to-date, Teresa has everyone asking,

“Are You About That Church Life?”

Your genre seems more faith-based. Would that describe your genre?

A lot of people have kind of called it Christian Fiction Suspense, and some people say it could go for Thriller or Psychological-Suspense. It’s right on the edge between Christian Fiction and Mystery Suspense because I don’t want to keep it in a box.

Being that it [That Church Life Series] is Thriller and Suspenseful, I know most of the concept is generally in the mindset. How did you prepare to write your storyline?

With me I’ve had so many experiences growing up in church, but I also was a Hardy Boys Mystery reader. So, with the mixture of growing up in church and with the mixture of having all that suspense in my head. I basically combined it into two, because I like mystery and suspense. I like the twist in a story. To prepare myself I would do some research. I would read some mystery/thriller suspense books. I would read some sci-fi books. If I’m going to write something I must be an expert in what I’m writing.

What is your educational background?

My Undergrad Major is Psychology and I have two Master Degrees. One in Special Education and the other in School Administration. I’m also 12 credits into a Ed.D program I plan to finish next year.

Do you believe that the editor is the final step before releasing your book?

In the beginning, I thought “Oh, yeah. That’s the expert.” Now I know that it’s not the final step. For one, not all editors who are referred from Facebook are professional editors. Two, they are human and they are going to make mistakes. Three, they are trying to get that book out just like you are trying to get that book out. When you start to think of it like that you begin to say to yourself, “I need a proofreader to come behind them.

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