Color and Read with Kimberly Bailey

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Organized. Ambitious. Curious.

After participating in a panel discussion about Women and Justice, Kimberly wanted to find a way to introduce children of all ages to various civil rights leaders, and other important historical facts in a kid-friendly way. She now has two coloring books, Civil Rights Leading Ladies and Civil Rights Mighty Men. She is diligently working to encourage year-round history conversations in homes, churches, and schools.

What motivated you to write these children’s books and become an author?

I sat on a panel discussion about women in justice. One of the questions was about how our children really don’t know our leaders. At the end of the panel they ask all the panelist, “What could you do?” I had a nephew at the time who was two or three years old learning Black History every week at his day care. He knew some people that I didn’t know. So, I thought a coloring book would be great because if they learn it that young it will stay with them a lot longer. I never thought it would become what it has become. It was just my contribution to see how I could help our children. Not only are children coloring, but adults are coloring as well. I tell people DON’T BE AFRAID TO DO SOMETHING THAT SEEMS SMALL TO YOU BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IT WILL BECOME.

What is your process of writing?

The coloring books I have done require a lot of research. I must delve into a lot of history. I like to sit on my patio and get some me time and think about what direction I want to go with these and other projects that are coming up. I’m not a big procrastinator. I dive in. I do it. Then I’m done and on to the next project. I’m an IT (Information Technology) person. I use that in everything. It’s analytical, organized, and very project related.

What would you say to an aspiring author?

Whatever subject, topic, or style of writing is in your mind to do, stick with that and do it. Don’t consult too many people. Don’t ask too many people because sometimes people can discourage you or give you advice that takes you away from what you are trying to do. Go with your gut.

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