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Your PEN name is Complex Angel, where did the inspiration come from behind that name?

I was inspired to name myself Complex Angel because I’ve always considered myself a very complex person, from the way that I think to the way that I write my words. When I think of the word complex and the definition, it comes off as something very complicated to me but its worth getting through the challenge. Over the past 3 years since I moved to the East Coast, I’m learning that I’m capable of overcoming challenges that I never thought I could. I’ve always wanted my books to teach others so I decided to write from a realistic point of view to where readers can’t avoid the truth that’s staring them right in their face. Angel came into play because people always looked at me and saw such an innocent person but I’m far from it. As a shy little girl I didnt realize I had people around me who were threatened by my bold attitude, bold personality that I showed when I was angry, and how big my dreams were in life. I decided to stop dimming my light for them. My mission as Complex Angel is to show people who they are and hope that they can love the good and the ugly parts of themselves because living in your truth is so free.

Your book “No Apologies” is about domestic violence as a mental addiction. Why was it so important to use it in that context?

​I wrote No Apologies from an addiction perspective to educate people on why a victim stays. People are very quick to judge someone before really getting to the root of the problem. Being in an abusive relationship made me realize that I had deeply rooted issues and I was looking for a broken man to love me more than I could love myself. Falling in love with his brokennes made me addicted to the fact that he needed me. I had attachment issues and my mentality was that if I do whatever he wants and give him what he needs, he won’t leave me. I picked up on the behavior I saw the females in my family do, where they would forget about their dreams and make their whole life about a man who wasn’t worthy of their time. When you allow someone toxic to control your mind, it comes from the fact that you’ve been used to others controlling your mind way before that abusive relationship you got in. The love life you display to your kids is going to be their future...ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!

Your podcast “Self Love is my Rehab” airs where and what are some things we can expect to hear when listening?

Self Love is My rehab is a podcast where we get real and raw about the life issues we struggle with within oursleves and the relationships around us from topics like dysfunctional familes, to what an unhealthy vs. healthy relationship looks like within yourself.You can go on to find the Self Love is My Rehab episodes. They are also available on spotify, iTunes, and google play podcast to name a few. My co-host DC and I, we started on Anchor under our own platform then after 5 episodes Joseph Boyd picked us up, said we had a dope podcast and he wanted to add us to his family...its been running smoothly ever since.  

What makes your story of domestic violence different from the many other stories published to date?

No Apologies shows people the toxic ways within themselves or other toxic people they have around them. It gives a clear visual to what soul ties and generational curses look like.

Describe yourself in three words.

I am unique because I love thinking outside the box. Passionate because I love making change and bold because I’ve been at a place where I lost everything chasing empty promises and the rebuild was hell, so now I’m coming after everything I deserve and i’m not sorry for it.

You’re a published author and host of a podcast, what else is in store for Natasha?

More books of course, I hope to become a consistent motivational speaker about generational curses and be the voice of changing that because so many people (in my opinion) are living like dead corpses in this world because they aren’t living in their true identity. Last but not least, I hope to turn Self Love is My Rehab into an agency one day to restrengthen the broken homes in families around the wold.

Since publishing your book, what is the most memorable thing that has happened relating to your book and yourself as an author?

I’ve learned more about myself as a person just from doing interviews for the book, I’ve been given an opportunity to speak at the Sharnel Williams Luncheon in May called YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’m so excite and plus the opportunity to be in the Strawberry Lit Magazine.. I’m just honored and staying humble as the blessings keep coming my way.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

Takerra Allen and Miasha are two of my favorite authors. Takerra Allen words are so powerful and she knows how to make you fall in love with every male love interest in her books. Miasha writes with twists and turns and knows how to keep you addicted to turning the pages.

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