Reds Johnson - Her Voice, Her Pain, Her Truth Interview

Get to know Reds Johnson in our exclusive interview.

We sat down and talked about her life as an author, the loss of her mother, and more.

What has life as an author been like for Reds Johnson?

Life as an author has been one heck of an experience. I had a passion for writing since I was nine years old, and I tried to get published at the age of fourteen; specifically, with Wahida Clark. When that didn’t work out, I decided to write my own book, and guess what? I would have gotten a huge fine and gone straight to jail if I went through with it because I mimicked Danielle Santiago’s book Little Ghetto Girl. I removed all the curse words and I turned all the bad situations into good ones, lol…Read More

What has life as an author been like after the loss of my mother?

If you watched my journey, then you know that me and my mother are best friends and she played a huge part in my writing career. I never imagined losing her. I was aware that we all had to go someday, but I also imagined her outliving me and my siblings. My writing journey was not peaches and cream and I can remember many arguments me and my mother had because she wanted me to keep going and I wanted to stop…Read More


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