"Stop" with Colleen Williams

Your book title “STOP” is about your personal experiences. What do you hope readers gain from this book?

I hope they know that anytime they feel something is not right they need to put a STOP to it. Sexual abuse or domestic violence. If a man or woman is treating you wrong you and you know you deserve better don’t stay get up and leave.

Your story is inspiring. Where do you get your strength from?

My strength comes from God. I think about Job in the bible. He went through so much and was still able to trust God. I know I will not get anywhere women’s and complained so I got up and did something about it. I had to push through if I wanted better.

How does your book, STOP, differ from other books in its genre?

A lot of people know me they are in my face everyday and they have no idea what I have been through. My book is really me it’s my experience on this earth it’s different because when you look at me and see what I have been though and how I made it through it will inspire you to do the same. I want to make sure when you finished this book you would get up and take action like I did.

You wrote your story around your abuse, why did you feel now was the right time to tell your story?

I know it’s the right time because anything that is not covered won’t heal. I needed to heal myself, my abuse went from sexual and jumped to physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse. I had to heal I didn’t want to keep blaming or hurting the people who didn’t hurt me. Only God knows when the time is and I feel I made the right choice.

What inspired you to become a published author?

I knew I had a story to tell and I needed the world to hear my story. If I can change one person’s life then I did my job. if I can help someone walk away from an abusive relationship I did my job.

What’s next for Colleen?

Moving out of Boston (that’s where most of my abuse happened) I know I can never heal in the same place I was hurt. My t-shirt line Stop movements is launching in a few months. “STOP Movement Tees is a lifestyle company committed to celebrating men and women who have survived domestic violence relationships. I aim to uplift and inspire them that they too can get out and stay out while thriving to a place of happiness.”

What have you learned throughout the process of publishing your book?

I am not alone in this fight I was not the only one who went through what I went through.

I see you’re from Trinidad. How has thing been for you since coming to the states?

I dealt with sexual abuse in Trinidad coming to the states was where all the other abuse occurred. But being in the us I was able to connect with people like myself. I was able to get help from my past. I went back to Trinidad a few times and talked to the women about my story and let them know the steps I took. Let them know not to keep it a secret let someone know so they can get help.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

To be honest I only read inspirational books like Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, TD Jake’s I only read books to inspire me to get better and stronger.

What was the most difficult part of writing your story?

Reliving it. Many times I had to stop and read it over. I read the book out loud to myself and I cried just to see what I went through in life. Till today I still can’t believe that these men who once claimed they loved me yet tried to kill me. The painful part is now over. I have been married to my husband for 8 months. He fixed my brokenness he helps me to heal on a daily basis he showed me that there is really Joy after pain. And not all men are the same.


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