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J. Cerrone is a native of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and spent time as a youth residing in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, the Southside of Chicago, Illinois and Harlem, New York City. J. Cerrone wrote his first work, “The Prodigal Son: Book One,” at age nineteen, but chose to rewrite the book well over ten years later, due to its true-to-life content. After a turbulent adolescence, J. Cerrone held steady corporate jobs as an adult, but then turned back to the streets after marrying and having a son in order to provide needed additional income for his young family. After serving some jail-time and time on house-arrest, he decided to pave a new path for himself and embarked upon writing a second book, “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story,” which was the debut release from his company Paper-Chase Publications. In addition to being an author and the owner of Paper-Chase Publications, music lover and former deejay, J. Cerrone is an avid reader and lists Donald Goines and Mario Puzo among his favorite authors.

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